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60 Signs He’s Jealous – Red Flags You Need to Know

From large-and-in-charge aggression to sneaky little comments, jealousy can manifest in many ways. It’s a natural emotion that all of us have felt at one time or another.

The problem begins when someone allows jealousy to take control of their actions. If a man in your life checks off more than a few of these 60 signs that he’s jealous, it’s time to take note of the red flags.

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1. He’s sarcastic when you tell the truth

A jealous guy is going to ask a lot of questions. He may even throw out a few accusations. So long as you’re behaving appropriately, you should have no problem answering truthfully and clearing your name.

Unfortunately, a green-eyed monster cannot be rational or he’ll risk admitting that he is in the wrong, so he is going to shrug off your explanations and respond sarcastically instead. Sadly, you can’t force someone to listen unless they truly want to.

2. He asks others about you

Since he is always doubting you, he’s going to turn to others to get more information. This means a jealous guy may reach out to your friends or family to see if you’re doing anything he would disapprove of.

This situation puts the third party in an uncomfortable place, and you’ll probably hear about it sooner rather than later.

3. He tries to change your decisions

A jealous person is not a happy person. They either don’t like the situation they’re in or they want someone else’s situation for themselves. This is why a jealous man will try to nudge you into making a decision he prefers.

He could do this blatantly, by telling you what you “should” decide, or he may be sneakier and make strong suggestions to guide you where he wants. The more you listen to him, the more he gets what he wants and the less jealous he is… if only this equation also considered your feelings.

4. He acts distant when you go out

Jealousy most often happens when you’re both around other people. After all, it’s hard to get jealous of your partner when you’re home watching TV together. This means that going out with a jealous guy is a nightmare.

He’s going to start getting weird the moment you’re out, especially if there are other guys around who know you, talk to you, or even look at you. He might get quiet, leave your group, or seem to get angry all of a sudden. It’s unlikely that you’ll get through to him unless you leave that setting altogether.

5. He jumps to conclusions

The cashier might have told you to have a nice day, but from afar, a jealous guy could interpret a whole different scenario. The worst part is that he’ll likely bring it up, accuse you of something, or get angry before asking you to clarify what happened.

This way of jumping to conclusions is sure to lead to a lot of fights and negative emotions. He needs to learn to come to you before making assumptions or you’ll never have effective communication.

6. He’s needy

Jealous people are needy. They need something someone else has and they also need attention. A jealous guy will always want your eyes on him, your texts to him, your time for him, and your whole life invested in him. That’s quite a lot to expect from just one person.

7. He shows up without warning

You could be sitting in the library or out having a drink with friends when – poof! – jealous guy comes strolling in uninvited. He’ll know how to keep his cool and act nonchalant about invading your personal space, but you shouldn’t fall for it.

He’s there because he’s jealous and wanted to make sure you weren’t in a situation he didn’t like. In extreme cases, even if you were having some alone time a man could still become jealous that you have any time without him.

8. He shows off in front of others

Jealous guys feel that someone has what they don’t. At the root of it all, it comes down to insecurity. This is why he may try to compensate by showing off in front of others, especially other men.

This might be done by speaking louder, talking about what he has or has accomplished, or even by putting down others’ experiences in conversation.

9. He gets mad if you don’t text back immediately

If you’re not texting him, it means you’re giving your time to something or someone else, and that will set a jealous guy off. He’s likely to either send you a chain of angry texts or ignore you whenever you do decide to respond.

If he’s working on his reactions, you can try texting him to warn him that you’ll be busy or unreachable later. If he simply can’t control his reactions, however, you’ll be stuck with this response unless you’re glued to your phone indefinitely.

10. He’s rude to new guys you meet

When you have a jealous guy in your midst, he’ll think there’s no more room for other men in your life. After all, your life should revolve around him and only him, shouldn’t it? Spoiler alert – it shouldn’t.

A jealous guy may cut to the chase by being rude and scaring away any new guys with a nasty demeanor. If you two aren’t an item, don’t be surprised if he makes it seem like you are so that no one else tries to get to know you.

If you are in a relationship, a jealous partner might accuse you of monkey branching with every new guy you meet.

11. He acts strangely when you talk to other guys

If he doesn’t dare to be rude to their faces, he may just start to act strangely when you talk to other guys. He could have been peppy beforehand, but suddenly seems glum or uninterested in you. Or, conversely, he might have been cordial at first, but now he doesn’t leave your side and suddenly acts like your Secret Service agent.

12. He’s always suspicious

Did you fall asleep? Jealous guy already thought you were sneaking off with someone else. Did you get home late from work? Jealous guy is grilling you about what you were doing at work, with who, and why.

Jealousy and suspicion go hand in hand because an envious person finds fault in even the most innocent of situations. Suspicious Sam is going to drive you up a wall with his doubtful perspective.

13. He acts like a straight-up jerk

Sometimes, there’s no better way to describe a jealous person than as a jerk. Jealous guys dismiss your feelings, try to control your every move, and act as if their opinion is the only one that matters.

The worst part about this is that he’s likely ignorant of the fact that his behavior is wrong. Most jealous people don’t get reflective until they’ve already lost the person they were jealous of in the first place.

14. He gets physically aggressive

One of the worst types of jealous guys is the aggressive ones. These are the ones you’ll see start fights because another guy simply looked at a girl “wrongfully.”

This aggression isn’t limited to other men, so women beware. If he’s quick to put his hands on another guy, he may be quick to do the same to you.

15. He plays hard to get

If a guy gets jealous because he sees you are interested in or with another guy, he may try to play the same game back. At first, he seemed all in, or at least available, but now he’s suddenly difficult to get in touch with and oh-so busy. This hard-to-get game is not fun, but it is pretty easy to win – just be the person who cares the least.

16. He quickly befriends your guy friends

Jealous guys will act one of two ways with your guy friends. They will either repel them like a cockroach or become their bro BFF in a day. For the latter, you may be impressed at how quickly this guy conquers your friends. The trick is that he isn’t looking for new besties. Instead, he wants to get to know your guy friends to make sure none of them are trying to get to know you.

17. He’s passive-aggressive

Passive-aggressive jealousy can manifest in body language, vocal language, or actions. These jealous guys don’t have the confidence to call out the situations they don’t like, so their jealousy escapes in hidden doses.

Look out for things like making wishful statements, avoidance, leaving certain people out of plans, or keeping score.

18. He is hot and cold

One moment you’re his #1 and the next he acts as if he barely knows you. This hot and cold attitude comes and goes with his mood swings. The moment he’s jealous, he’s cold, but once he gets over it, he’s right back in your arms.

19. He is disinterested when you talk about someone else

Stories about your adventures or even conversations with other people are of no interest to a jealous guy. This is because they will more than likely fuel his jealousy and put him in a terrible mood. He might check his phone while you speak to him, look elsewhere, interrupt you, or even leave the room as you’re talking.

20. He celebrates when other guys fail

The loss of another is a win for a jealous person. He may seem excited, pleased, smug, or plain happy when he hears about the downfall of other guys. This could be about men that he knows or even some men in your own life.

21. He acts like your bodyguard

A jealous guy may walk in front of you to lead the way and block others from approaching you. He’ll appear like a wall that anyone must get through to speak to you. He hopes that he’ll intimidate others away to keep you “safe” and to himself.

22. His eyes are glued to your every move

He could be across the bar and in the bathroom but, somehow, you know he’s still watching you. This could feel normal if you’re into the guy but it could get weird if you two aren’t even dating.

Such stalker behavior from a man is usually accompanied by moving too fast romantically, so keep an eye out.

23. He’s interrogative

A jealous guy would make a great private investigator or FBI interrogator. They know all the questions to ask and then some to get every detail out of you. The truth is that they’re looking for something to confirm their suspicions. If you don’t give them anything to work with, they will likely try again harder next time.

24. He pretends he doesn’t care

Some men with a less-intense jealousy issue will try to keep it to themselves. They do this by pretending they don’t care about what you’re doing at all, usually taking it to the other extreme. They may suggest that you go out and do whatever you please, even if you know that’s not what they truly want.

25.  He blames you for his issues

You bring up the jealousy and he rebuttals with an excuse. He isn’t jealous, he is just responding to your issues. This blame game places you at fault for his feelings by saying you acted inappropriately or you did something you knew he wasn’t going to like.

A person with this strategy of conversation is openly ignoring their problems and will likely never see the errors of their ways.

26. He needs to hold the power in the relationship

Jealousy comes from a sense that you aren’t enough. To try and be enough, you need to have some sort of power. Since a jealous guy doesn’t have enough power to control these negative feelings, he’s going to try to exert power in other parts of his life… or should I say, in your life.

This means he will try to assert himself as the one who “wears the pants” in the relationship. He may deny your requests, act as if his opinion is superior to yours, or try to control your day-to-day activities as if he’s your father.

27. He doesn’t want you to have guy friends

While some jealous guys may try to cut your friends out altogether, others might only feel threatened by your male friends. For this type of jealous guy, your female friends might make the cut, but guy friends are not allowed in the mix.

You’ll notice this sign the best during group outings. This guy will chat it up with your female friends, but he’ll cold-shoulder your guy friends as if they’re strangers.

28. He makes you feel guilty

Some guys can manipulate situations that make them feel jealous. Their goal is for you to stop doing whatever it is that sets them off, but they know they’ll get farther with a carrot than with a stick.

This guy might suggest that he feels sad or that you aren’t putting in the same effort towards the relationship that he is. He could say you’re dismissing his feelings or acting selfishly when you do the things he doesn’t like. The important thing to do in this scenario is to truly listen to him, but keep your head clear enough to differentiate between manipulation or true concerns.

29. He blows up your phone

One message when you leave the house. Two when you meet up with friends. Three when you go somewhere spontaneously. Finally, a whole series of back-to-back texts if you take more than a few minutes to get back to him.

Blowing up someone’s phone is the equivalent of either yelling at them or asking them for attention. Either way, it isn’t cute or productive for relationships.

30. He doesn’t like your friends

Your best friends might have been around since you were five years old, but that won’t matter to a jealous boyfriend. You’ll start by noticing that he isn’t the friendliest to them. Or, perhaps worse, he is fake-friendly and then talks about them behind their backs.

No matter how he approaches it, you’ll be able to sense that he doesn’t like your friends because he’s jealous of your connection.

31. He negatively affects your self-esteem

The more confident you are, the less confident a jealous guy will be in your devotion to the relationship. In his eyes, the greater you feel the more likely it is that you leave him for someone else. To suppress your self-esteem, he may try to jab at you by commenting on your insecurities, offering backhanded compliments (see sign #55), or flat-out insulting you.

32. He tries to cut off your other relationships

If you have very close relationships with your friends or family, a jealous guy will be quick to nip them in the bud. He might make plans with you on the day you had planned to see one of them, talk negatively about that person, or even directly tell you that he doesn’t want you to see them anymore.

This isolation is a way for him to keep you all to himself and blinded to his controlling ways.

33. He hates when you have fun without him

This sign is mixed with others because it’s one of the core pillars of jealousy. Jealous people covet appearances, success, and the relationships of others because they wish they were the center of it all.

This is why a jealous guy will hate when you have a good time without him. You are reminding him of everything he isn’t – or at least everything he wasn’t able to be in that moment.

34. He loves giving the silent treatment

You can split most jealous guys into two categories: vocal or silent. The former might yell or start fights when they get jealous. The latter, on the other hand, will throw you the cold shoulder and give you the silent treatment until he feels you’ve paid your penance.

35. He goes through your stuff

Jealous guys are naturally suspicious, so you could easily find him snooping through your things. This includes looking through your phone, computer, purse, or even the drawers in your home. He likely doesn’t know what he’s looking for, but he sure is on the lookout for anything that sparks his jealousy.

36. He envies others

Jealousy is not limited to romance. It will seep out into other parts of his life, including being envious of what others have. You may hear him make scornful comments about the success of others or criticize people who seem to have what he wants.

37. He pressures you to do what he wants

Jealous men don’t like to get told no. They see life as a their-way-or-the-highway situation. This is why he will pressure you to go where he wants, do what he wants, and hang out with who he wants whenever he gets the chance.

If you try to do otherwise, don’t be surprised when he either guilt trips you, gets mad at you, or goes along begrudgingly and with a negative attitude.

38. He always needs to know where you are

No matter where you’re going, this guy will want an explanation from the second you leave to the moment you return. He may mask these continuous inquiries as his way of caring about your safety, but don’t fall for it – it’s another control method fueled by jealousy.

39. He comments on your outfits

If this guy always has something to say about your clothes, but none of it sounds like a compliment, he’s making a dig at you to discourage you from looking “too good.” The better you look, the more attention you’ll get when you’re out, and that is a jealous guy’s nightmare.

40. He hates when you go out

Going out without your jealous guy is a surefire way to start a fight. He might act cool with it at first, but you’ll soon be able to sense his jealousy from the texts he sends you or the cold shoulder you get when you return home. He hates when you go out without him because he’s worried you will end up having more fun than when you’re with him.

41. He thinks he’s the best you can do

Jealousy is a blanket for insecurity. Even so, jealous guys may bury their insecurities so far under their false confidence that they behave pompously. A guy like this could make comments insinuating that he’s the best thing that ever happened to you or that you would be lost without him.

42. He freaks out over little things

If you make a new friend or compliment someone that isn’t him, be prepared for a freakout. Jealous guys tend to have a low threshold for dealing with things they don’t like and, unfortunately, there’s a long list of things they don’t like.

43. He gets moody without warning

One minute he’s smiling and the next he’s pouting in a corner or storming off. It’s hard to keep track of his moods because even the smallest things can set off his inner green-eyed monster. Someone else could simply say hi to you or you could glance at another guy and his mood will be up and down faster than a rollercoaster.

44. He talks negatively about people you like

If you compliment someone you know in conversation, a jealous guy will be quick to point out their flaws. He wants to make sure you also see the negatives because he’s fearful you could like that person more than you like him.

45. He flirts with others if he knows you’re watching

This sign usually happens earlier in the relationship, especially if you’re just getting to know a guy. Jealous guys at this stage may try to make you jealous by flirting with someone else right in front of you. Of course, he’ll just say it was friendly banter, but his real goal was to get a reaction out of you.

46. He gets upset when others find you attractive

A healthy boyfriend will feel a sense of pride when others find their partner to be attractive. A jealous boyfriend, on the other hand, will interpret it as others trying to steal their girl. The worst part is that they believe this is possible due to their insecurities and lack of trust.

47. He stalks your social media

A jealous guy doesn’t just add you on social media, he lives on your social media. Every follower you have will be analyzed and he’ll know exactly who is liking and commenting on your posts. He may even bring it up in conversation or get angry about it.

48. He tries to one-up everyone

Jealous men try to tame their insecurities by acting superior to those around them. After all, the opposite would mean appearing even weaker than they feel.

Whether it be by showing off his own successes or making everything into a competition, this type of jealous man will always try to one-up those around him.

49. He avoids talking about his feelings

Everyone knows that jealousy is frowned upon – even a jealous guy. Most of the time, he’ll come up with excuses for his behavior, like blaming it on you or others. That’s why it’s no surprise that he’ll run for the hills if you try to talk about his feelings. He doesn’t want to face them or the truth.

50. He’s constantly in contact with you

If he’s not texting, calling, or hanging out with you in person, he’s probably sliding into your DMs or emailing you. This extreme contact is paired with constant monitoring (sign #56) to know what you’re doing and who you’re with at all times.

51. He asks for your passwords

A jealous guy may ask for your passwords outright to spy on your devices whenever he pleases. Alternatively, he may try to figure out your password in a slick way, like by asking to use your phone for something generic and making a note of your code in the meantime.

The earlier in your relationship you are, the more problematic it is when he tries to learn your passwords.

52. He wants to be a part of every aspect of your life

This action on its own could be a telltale sign of a dedicated man; however, when paired with other signs of jealousy, it’s a recipe for disaster. This jealous guy won’t just try to be a part of your life, he will insert in everything from your work to your girls’ night out without ever being invited.

53. He tells others to stay away from you

If you catch wind that this guy has spoken to someone you know and warned them to stay away from you, this is a huge red flag. He not only went behind your back to try and control your social group, but his jealousy leads him to threaten others.

54. He expects you to be at his beck and call

Jealousy, much like misery, loves company. A jealous guy wants your attention 100% of the time, meaning he’ll expect you to be there for him any time of day. Even if he attributes this to dedication or love, know that it’s simply an unhealthy expectation.

55. He gives you back-handed compliments

A back-handed compliment sounds kind initially but sneakily contains an insult. A great example is a guy saying, “That dress really makes it seem like you’ve lost weight.” This is done to pick at your insecurities, making it less likely that you’ll leave him or find someone else.

56. He monitors you

By monitoring you, a jealous guy feels in control of what you’re doing and who you see. For example, he is going to know your agenda by heart and he’ll comment if anything is a few minutes off schedule. Talk about “Big Brother.”

57. He’s obsessed with you… in a bad way

If a guy acts jealous over you, he’s going to get possessive. This type of obsession isn’t the one to be giddy over – you will be the center of his world, but in an overbearing or suffocating kind of way.

58. He tries to be the manliest guy in the room

A jealous guy wants to be the macho man. He may try to win a test of physical strength, parade around like he owns the place, or pick fights with other guys. No matter how he chooses to do it, he will try to be dominant in every situation.

59. He’s paranoid

Don’t be surprised if a jealous guy thinks everyone is either out to get him, his job, his possessions, or his partner. This is going to put you in a constantly stressful situation as you try to calm him down and prove his paranoia wrong.

60. He needs constant reassurance

Jealousy means that someone else has what this man doesn’t. Whether this is looks, success, or anything else, he likely fears that you will choose another guy over him. Whether he’s asking you if you really want to be with him or grilling you about your interest in someone else, you’ll always need to make him feel like #1.

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