What is a Platonic Soulmate? 41 Signs You’ve Found Yours!

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What is a platonic soulmate?

A platonic soulmate is someone that you love and have a deep connection with. Even though you love them, you aren’t in love with them.

Platonic soulmates share an intense bond without any romantic or sexual attraction. For some, this is the perfect type of relationship; they may not be interested in romance or sex and prefer to just have a close companion to share their life with.

You are by your platonic soulmate’s side through thick and thin, with a bond that is different from friends, partners, and even your family.

You and your platonic soulmate simply have an unmatched soul connection.

What a platonic soulmate isn’t

A platonic soulmate isn’t someone who comes and goes in your life. While friends and partners might change over time, your platonic soulmate never will.

A friend is different from a platonic soulmate because friends sometimes grow apart or decide they no longer have a place in each other’s lives. Platonic soulmates will never doubt how important they are to their other half.

A partner is also different from a platonic soulmate. Platonic means that you love someone, but not romantically. If you are with your partner, you may like them, or even love them, romantically.

Can you be platonically in love with someone?

If you are in love with someone, they probably aren’t your platonic soulmate. When you’ve found your platonic soulmate, you won’t have romantic feelings for them.

You’ll root for your platonic soulmate to find their romantic soulmate.

If someone has all the signs of being your platonic soulmate, but you have romantic feelings for them, you may have found your romantic soulmate.

Romantic soulmates and platonic soulmates are equally important, but they both play different roles in our lives.

Is it possible for platonic soulmates to eventually fall in love?

Yes, you may one day realize that your platonic soulmate is your romantic soulmate.

We can’t control when people come into our lives, so someone may not be ready to accept they have found their romantic soulmate.

Luckily, the universe has a way of sorting these things out. If you believe your platonic soulmate is your romantic soulmate, time will tell.

With that being said, you shouldn’t try to force someone you think is your soulmate to fall in love with you. When you’ve found your romantic or platonic soulmate, you’ll know.

Platonic soulmate vs twin flame

A platonic soulmate is someone you have a deep spiritual connection with without physical intimacy or attraction. A twin flame relationship includes a different type of deep bond but can also include intense sexual chemistry.

You may share life experiences with your twin flame, have similar hobbies and goals, and feel that your lives mirror each other. Because of these similarities, there may also be conflicts in trying to develop a romantic or friendly relationship.

Twin flames are meant to challenge us to get a better version of ourselves. While platonic soulmates tend to be more compatible from the start.

41 Signs you’ve found your platonic soulmate

Platonic soulmate connections are hard to find. There really isn’t one definitive sign that someone is your platonic soulmate. As you go through our comprehensive list, you’ll find that more and more signs ring true when you think about your potential platonic soulmate.

1. You have an almost instant connection

Sometimes when you meet someone, you just click. Maybe you have the same sense of humor or have shared life experiences. Whatever it is, as soon as you meet, you have an instant connection.

You might wonder how you’ve never met this person before, or you may feel lucky that you were suddenly brought together.

However you feel, you immediately know you want to be close with them.

2. You feel comfortable with them, even if you are just getting to know them

Lots of friendships take years to build, and that makes them incredibly strong. But platonic soulmates have an instant friendship.

As soon as you start talking to your platonic soulmate, you feel completely yourself and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable.

3. You are always rooting for them

You are always wanting them to land their dream job or find their romantic partner. Life isn’t a competition with them, and you know that you both want each other to succeed.

You also want to help them be their best self and make good choices. Their best interests are always in your heart.

4. You don’t get tired of hanging out with them

With some friends or loved ones, you might need a break or some alone time. This is completely normal, but with your platonic soulmate, you never get tired of being with them.

Being with your platonic soulmate is always enjoyable because you can have both deep and fun conversations.

5. You can be completely honest with them

A platonic soulmate doesn’t mind hearing the truth, because they know it comes from a place of love. If you disagree with something your platonic soulmate is doing, or feel like they need a reality check, you aren’t afraid to let them know.

Even if you’re being honest with them, you never want to hurt them.

6. They don’t judge you

Sometimes it can feel natural to judge and compare yourself to others. But that’s not the case with platonic soulmates.

With your platonic soulmate, you let them see the good and the bad because you trust them. You know they won’t ever judge you for having a stain on your shirt or a messy room.

Platonic soulmates care about you as a person, not about how you look or the things you have.

7. You care about their opinion

A platonic soulmate is someone who knows you better than anyone. When you’ve found them, you seek out their advice on important issues, like finding the right partner or deciding on a future career.

Their opinion matters because you know they want what’s best for you. Together, the two of you can brainstorm and think through important life decisions.

8. You reach out to them when you are feeling down

Sometimes, when we feel down, we need someone to talk through our emotions with. A platonic soulmate is always there to help you feel better and get through the rough times.

You don’t mind telling your platonic soulmate your problems, no matter how big or small. And you know they will always answer the phone.

9. Your friendship feels different than ones you’ve had before

When you meet your platonic soulmate, it just feels different. Friends come and go in life, but a platonic soulmate is someone you can count on no matter what life throws at you.

With other friends, you can laugh, have a good time, and get through challenges together.

But with your platonic soulmate, you have a deep connection that is hard to put into words. Your souls just vibe in that special, soulmate way.

10. You don’t need to talk every day… but sometimes you want to

Platonic soulmates are around whenever you need them, but sometimes life gets in the way. Even so, you reach out often.

Not because you have to, but because you want to. You want to get updates on their life. And of course, share your own.

11. Some people assume you’re a couple

To others, you and your platonic soulmate are close. They may assume that you have a romantic relationship, but really you share a platonic love and intimacy.

You would never consider being romantic with them.

Not everyone will understand. And that’s okay. All you can do is correct them and hope that they will find their platonic soulmate.

12. You argue or bicker sometimes, but only out of love

When you care about someone, you’ll let them know how you feel. And sometimes, that can lead to a bit of arguing.

If, and when, you argue, you both know it’s only because you care.

With a platonic soulmate, you know that your relationship can withstand small arguments or bickering. In fact, it only makes the relationship stronger once you resolve them.

13. You trust their judgment

Your platonic soulmate may have a lot of opinions on what you do with your life, but they are never overbearing about it. You know that they only say their opinions because they care.

And, their judgment is usually right.

For some reason, platonic soulmates can usually tell if you are dating a person who isn’t good for you, or making a different wrong choice. Whenever your platonic soulmate feels strongly about something, you at least listen to what they have to say.

14. You have more inside jokes than you can count

If you have a platonic best friend, you probably spend a lot of time with them. Over time, you develop tons of jokes or even your own way of communicating.

Having plenty of jokes is a true testament to how much you enjoy being in each other’s company.

15. You rehash important events or conversations with them

Platonic soulmates help you figure life out, so you always go to them when something important has happened.

Maybe you give them an entire play-by-play of a date. Or maybe you go to them when your parents are going through a divorce, or you’ve lost a loved one.

When it comes to a platonic soulmate relationship, you want to share all the highs and lows with them.

16. You can’t see your life without them

You and your platonic soulmate’s lives are so interconnected that you can’t imagine life without them. If they are going across the country, you would probably consider joining them. You picture them at your future wedding and you imagine your kids also being best friends.

Every time you envision your future, your platonic soulmate is right there with you.

17. You want them to find love

You know your platonic soulmate is an amazing person, who deserves to find a romantic soulmate.

You are always on the lookout to see if there’s someone who might be a good match, and whenever they do find the one, you are so happy.

18. You stand up for them when they aren’t around

When it comes to your platonic soulmate, you’ll always want to stand up for them. If someone speaks poorly of them, you are always on it to clear up the facts.

Likewise, you won’t gossip about your platonic soulmate. You would never want to do anything that could jeopardize your relationship with them.

19. You aren’t afraid of letting them see you at your worst

Platonic love will always lift you up. They don’t care what you wear or how you look. In fact, they are there for you when you are at your worst.

You know they will never gossip or pity you, so you feel comfortable being vulnerable.

With some friends, you may feel the need to always look your best or seem happy, but with your platonic soulmate, you will never have to worry about that.

20. Just talking to them can lift your spirits

Somehow, your platonic soulmate always knows what to say.

Whenever you feel doubt or unhappiness, talking to them can immediately make you feel better.

21. You can look past any flaws

The love you have for your platonic soulmate is so deep that you can look past any flaw. Of course, you can recognize that they are imperfect and may make mistakes. But overall, you feel like you know their heart and their intentions.

No flaw is too big when you care for someone so profoundly.

Just because you can look past a flaw doesn’t mean you don’t want to help them. You are in it for the long haul, and because of that, you want them to grow to be the best person possible.

22. You feel like you knew them in a past life

The way you know your platonic soulmate is almost hard to believe. You feel like you know them as well as you know yourself.

Some say that soulmates meet each other again and again in each new life. If you’ve found your platonic soulmate, you might feel this to be true.

23. You never feel jealous when they get what they want or achieve a goal

Jealousy is something we all struggle with sometimes. It can be tough to overcome seeing someone get something you want. But with platonic soulmates, you never feel that way.

With your soul connection, you feel pure happiness when you see your platonic soulmate thriving. You know how hard they work and how deserving they are.

24. You aren’t interested in a romantic relationship with them, but you know you want them in your life

You never think of your platonic soulmate romantically. The very idea of it probably feels unnatural and weird.

But you know that your platonic soulmate is someone you want in your life forever. You just can’t imagine it another way.

25. They feel like family

They say blood is stronger than water for a reason; family members are often the closest people to us.

Your platonic soulmate may not be biologically related to you, but they might as well be. Even if you haven’t known them your whole life, you feel like you have.

Similar to family, you celebrate important events with them. But also like family, you don’t need a special occasion to hang out. Just being in their presence makes your day better.

26. Your bond has stood the test of time

While you likely connected with your platonic soulmate instantly, you’ll truly know if they are your platonic soulmate over time.

Often, time will change relationships as people grow. With your platonic soulmate, you will change and grow, but your love for one another will stay the same.

27. You would trust them with your most prized possession

Trust is one of the most important things to have in a relationship. It can set apart your platonic soulmate from other friendships you’ve had.

You are always willing to share with your platonic soulmates. You’ll share clothes, gifts, or anything else because you know your platonic soulmate will take good care of it.

28. Not everyone understands your platonic relationship

Not everyone has found their platonic soulmate, and that means they may not fully understand the relationship you have with yours.

They may think you have a crush on each other, or that your deep friendship won’t last. For people who don’t understand, you can try to explain your relationship to them–or maybe even show them this article.

Not everyone will get it, and that’s okay.

29. You don’t get jealous when they make other friends or find a romantic partner

You know that your platonic soulmate will form other bonds outside of your relationship. You support that because you know that every friendship and relationship is special in its own way.

If you’ve found your platonic soulmate, you’ll realize you don’t mind if they have other friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend. It doesn’t change how deep and special your connection with them is.

30. Your personalities aren’t the same… but they mesh perfectly

A platonic soulmate isn’t a carbon copy of you. You have your differences, but you know that those differences are what make you work great together.

Maybe you’re unorganized, but your platonic soulmate is extremely disciplined. Together, you balance each other out and help one another with growth.

31. Sometimes it feels like you can read each other’s minds

With your platonic soulmate, you often feel like you know exactly what they are thinking. Why? You just know them so well that you can predict how they might feel in a certain situation.

This can help you communicate with each other when words aren’t an option.

32. You never feel awkward with them

With other friends, you may have moments where there are awkward silences or conversations. With your platonic soulmate, this never happens. With them, you always feel at ease.

Relationships are never perfect or easy, but with your platonic soulmate, you feel comfortable with all types of conversations.

33. You feel like you know each other better than anyone else

When your platonic soulmate is upset, you can tell. When they are happy, you also know that. You feel like you know them perfectly.

Other friendships don’t feel the same, because you aren’t always being your true self. With your platonic soulmate, however, you are always completely you.

34. You look out For each other

With your platonic soulmate, you always have their back. Whether it’s standing up to someone who is gossiping, or helping them get out of a difficult situation, you are there.

Likewise, they are always the first person you call when you need help.

35. Even when you want to be alone, you make an exception for them

When you are at your worst, it can be easy to hide out in your room, cancel plans, and simply wallow in your sadness. You may want to be alone, but you know that it won’t make things better.

That’s why you make an exception for your platonic soulmate. With them, you still get the solace you need from alone time, but you feel comforted knowing that they are there whenever you are ready to express your thoughts.

36. You help each other grow and succeed

You know that your platonic soulmate is destined for great things, and you always want to help them with their growth.

You never try to get your platonic soulmate to do something dangerous or damaging. Instead, you are always helping them make good choices. In turn, they do the same.

37. When you’re in a big group, you look for them

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to be in large groups or to go to parties where you don’t know everyone. Being in the company of your platonic love always gives you a sense of peace.

Whenever you are with a large group, you look for them in the crowd because you know you’ll have a good time together.

38. You feel heard when you are with them

Your platonic soulmate always validates your feelings. They care about your thoughts and make sure you know it.

Whenever you are talking with them, they listen fully. When others may not care, you know your platonic soulmate is completely invested in what you have to say.

39. You miss them when they aren’t around

When you go on a trip, it’s common to talk about missing your boyfriend or girlfriend, but when you have a platonic soulmate, you might miss them even more.

We naturally want to share our happiest moments with those we love, so when you aren’t around your platonic soulmate, you might feel sad.

If you miss someone so deeply you are more excited to be back with them than on an exciting trip, chances are you’ve found your platonic soulmate.

40. You aren’t worried about your relationship changing

When you’ve found your platonic soulmate, you feel a sense of security in the relationship. You aren’t worried about your relationship changing.

You feel confident that your platonic soulmate will be in your life forever, so you aren’t worried about how you will both grow and change over time.

41. You know you are as special to them as they are to you

If you’ve found your platonic soulmate, you make sure they know they are a valuable part of your life. In turn, your platonic soulmate always makes you feel special and important. They never downplay how much you mean to them.

A true platonic soulmate match is reciprocal; there’s no question that you love each other.

You both know how lucky you are to have one another, and you never take the other for granted.

FAQs about platonic soulmates

Are platonic soulmates common?

Platonic soulmates aren’t very common. You may only find one in your whole life. When you do find your platonic soulmate, you’ll want to be careful to hold onto them. Your bond will be so unique that you know you’ll want to keep it forever.

Can platonic soulmates be the same sex?

Yes! Platonic soulmates can be any sex.  The connection and love you have for them is based on their soul and heart, not their sex.

Are platonic soulmates just best friends?

While best friends are important, the relationship you have with them is not as profound as the one you have with your platonic soulmate. Best friends may come and go over time, as you grow and change. The connection you feel with your platonic soulmate is deep and permanent.

Is my work spouse my platonic soulmate?

Your work spouse could be your platonic soulmate, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

To know if someone is your platonic soulmate, you have to look for all the signs and determine if you feel like your souls have truly connected.

What is platonic intimacy?

Platonic intimacy is a term used to describe a deep, platonic friendship between two people. It’s a relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and shared interests. Platonic intimacy can be a source of comfort and support, and it often develops into a strong emotional bond.

Platonic intimacy can include things like hugs or holding hands, but it depends on your specific relationship.

Romantic intimacy, however, is based on feeling physically attracted to your partner. Platonic intimacy is based purely on showing love and affection.

What are the key differences between a romantic soulmate and a platonic soulmate?

There are lots of different soulmate types. You can have a teacher soulmate, a companion soulmate, or a romantic soulmate.

The biggest difference between a romantic soulmate and a platonic one is that with a romantic soulmate you feel a physical attraction to them. With your platonic soulmate, you may recognize that they are attractive, but you don’t personally have romantic feelings for them.

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