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We're RelationshipWay. We want to help you create healthy and lasting relationships. How do we do that? We peel the curtain back on all things dating and love.

Great advice is thoughtful, straightforward, and well-communicated. That's what we aim to do, give you actionable and effective advice without all the fluff!

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Editorial Team & Contributors

Meet the inspirational voices behind RelationshipWay. Our talented editors, writers and contributors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience in an accurate and engaging way.


Stephanie Green - Editor

Stephanie is a writer, editor and illustrator. She's served as a content manager and creator for several online dating publications and newsletters, helping thousands in their search for love. When she's not squirreled away writing content, you can find her outside sharpening her photography skills.

Tasha Kozak

Tasha Kozak - Writer

Tasha Kozak has been writing as a hobby since she was a child. She studied social work at New York University and the University of Kentucky, focusing on the clinical aspect of interpersonal relationships and behavior. In early 2020, she began applying this knowledge to her professional career and has been freelance writing ever since. In her free time, you can find Tasha hiking, on the beach, or on her balcony catering to her 16+ plants.

Jecca Vanderbeck

Jecca Vanderbeck - Writer

Jecca Vanderbeck is an advice writer, fantasy author, surreal artist, and practicing Neodruid. They're also passionate about raising giant mealworms, mushrooms, and carnivorous plants. Despite all of this, they have convinced another human person to marry them. They've been happily married for almost a decade, and live together in Maryland with two cats and a lot of bugs and plants.

Pao Today

Pao Today - Writer

Pao Today explores the human experience. Her nursing background and passion for humanity are advancing into research in neuroscience, mind-body medicine, and brain/heart coherence. Her content is intended to put people in touch with their inner power. Lola, her dog, has helped Pao get closer to nature and stay present.

Emily Adler

Emily Adler - Writer

Abby Grifno

Abby Grifno - Writer

Abby Grifno is a freelance writer whose work can be found in various places around the internet. She covers issues related to lifestyle and wellness, with a special focus on relationships and women’s health. Constantly reading and learning, she loves to explore the human condition and how we can love others, and ourselves, more fully. She’s on Twitter @authoredbyabby

Kei Tyler

Kei Tyler - Writer

Kei Tyler is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher. She’s been practicing professionally for seven years and is presently working on her Doctorate in Metaphysics. She uses esoteric tools and ancient practices to help align your mind, body, and Soul.


Elizabeth McVey - Writer

Lynn Rose

Lynn Rose - Writer

Lynn Rose has been a professional freelance writer/ghostwriter for over twenty years now. She has always had a great passion for writing and has had work published in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and all over the internet. In her personal life, Lynn Rose is married, has two children, and enjoys reading, exercising, and enjoying nature.

Editorial Guidelines

Our goal is to empower our readers in all things relationships and dating. Our content is the backbone of the site and we understand the importance of providing transparency in our content creation process.


It's important to us that our readers understand our commitment to providing fair and objective content. All viewpoints expressed in product reviews are factual and based on product features and use. RelationshipWay's advertisers, affiliates, and business partners DO NOT influence our product reviews or editorial decisions.

Our Expertise

While most of our writers are subject matter experts, others are excellent researchers and interviewers who track down experts to help inform their content.

All of our content creators are committed to providing thoughtful, easy-to-read information that empowers our readers in their personal lives.

Content Quality Updates and Corrections

Part of building trust with our readers is being transparent with the facts, data, sources and updates throughout the whole lifecycle of our content.

If we discover a factual error, we will correct the article as quickly as possible. In some cases, we'll also append a correction note for clarification and transparency.

We're committed to our readers as they are the driving force behind our site. We understand that listening to their feedback is instrumental to RelationshipWay's success. If you believe you've come across any factual errors in our articles, we ask that you please reach out and we promise to investigate as soon as possible.

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