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man and woman arguing

60 Signs He’s Jealous – Red Flags You Need to Know

From large-and-in-charge aggression to sneaky little comments, jealousy can manifest in many ways. It’s a natural emotion that all of us have felt at one time or another. The problem ...

What is a Platonic Soulmate? 41 Signs You’ve Found Yours!

What is a platonic soulmate? A platonic soulmate is someone that you love and have a deep connection with. Even though you love them, you aren't in love with them. ...
What is Monkey Branching? – 21 Red Flags to Look For
Have you been getting signs from your partner that indicate they may not be fully interested in you anymore? Sometimes it’s just a vibe that you get, while other times ...
two female friends talking
36 Best Ways to Help a Friend Get over a Breakup
Breakups can be rough, especially when you’ve been with the person for a long time or if you’re the one that got broken up with. During these times, a strong ...
man and woman having a disagreement
What to Do When The Intimacy Stops in a Relationship
It can be alarming when intimacy stops in a relationship. If you're worried about this happening in your own relationship, there are some steps you can take to try and ...
candles with flames
What Is a Twin Flame? 27 Signs You’ve Found Yours [Complete Guide]
What is a twin flame? A twin flame is a deep soul connection you feel with one or a few people in your lifetime. The term is used to describe ...
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